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Web Server Farm


The connection to the Big Internet is essential for the functioning of Webfarm and for a sale and distribution throughout the world at maximum speed.

To this have been made multiple connections with different providers, using the best technologies available. Each connection has an entry point in the building and a geographic location different than the other, in order to drastically reduce the possibility of simultaneous failure.Also the combination of Italian and foreign suppliers as well as direct connection to the main point of Italian trade guaranteeing not only redundant but also the best performance possible.

- 5Gbit / s link with Telecom Italy by 2 Packet-over-Sonet 2.5-Gbit / s
- 20Gbit / s with Wind through 2 links 10GigaEthernet 10Gbit / s
- 2Gbit / s with Mix of Milan by 2 GigaEthernet link to 1Gbit / s
- 20Gbit / s with 2 link through Cogent Communications 10GigaEthernet 10Gbit / s

A total of 47Gbit / s redundant connectivity and managed dynamically using BGP4 protocol (AS31034).

2 Cisco Router Class 12,000 in balance for external connections
Cisco Router Class 2 7,600 balance in the internal connections
2 Cisco Catalyst 6513 with over 500 Gigabit ports for distribution to all rack cabinets.
Switch to over 500 local distribution in each rack.

LAN wiring inside fully certified category 6.


Another key element for the optimum operation of the facility is electricity.
For maximum quality and protection, we made our own transformer station connected to 5 Megawatt high-voltage lines by Enel. This station is connected to the Power Center inside where there are 5 parallel redundant 500 KVA UPS and its battery packs that provide the immediate presence of emergency power supply and isolation from the external power supply. In the event of a power outage by Enel, the two diesel generators shall be taken within 60 seconds and have autonomy over several days even in the absence of supplies. Finally, the internal distribution network provides 4 different lines of power to each rack.

Air conditioning.

The air conditioning system ensures constant temperature and humidity within the data rooms. The total power consumption of the plants is such as to ensure adequate cooling even in the event of failure of a third of units installed.

It 's also a facility for changing the air and through forced expulsion towards the outside allows a complete exchange of data in the salt in 2 hours.


The webfarm is manned 24-24h, 365 days a year. The surveillance system with motorized cameras allows you to control the focal points of the structure, while the alarm system detects vibrations or unauthorized opening of entrances and windows.

The biometric sensors placed at the entrance of the various areas related to internal and intrusion detection system prevents unauthorized access.

The inert gas fire extinguishing system is connected to the smoke detectors located above and below the raised floor and turns on automatically only gas flooding the affected area. The gases used do not damage the equipment and are not toxic for the persons that may be present.


The qualified staff present 24 hours on 24, 7 days a week 7 provides inspection, maintenance and servicing.

All technicians have tools that display real-time status of each server and receiving audible and visual detection of any problem.

The continuous proactive system performance can also detect, intervene and solve problems before they cause damage or malfunction.

The servers are monitored by the reps that monitor the status of the alert and take care of any hardware issues and their subsequent resolution.