All products listed on our website are available for purchase through the following methods of payment:

- PayPal
- Credit Card in collaboration with PayPal
- You can choose the method of payment you prefer when ordering on our website.

pagamenti sicuri con carta di credito e paypal

In no way Internet Of Music .com ® is aware of the details of your credit card, because the communication takes place directly with the Serer PayPal.
We only receive confirmation of your payment directly by PayPal.

PayPal: the system to make payments online that gives top priority to the security of the transaction management, reassuring both the consumer on data released on the Internet and traders regarding the possibility of fraud.

SSL3 128 BIT
The communication between the browser and the bank server is provided by a 128-bit encrypted transport SSL3
(Currently the highest safety standards with the server certificate).

Encryption parameters
In this way, since the parameters transmitted via the browser of the customer is encrypted with algorithms of high security, the consumer (customer) can not in any way interfere with the dialogue between the merchant (Internet Of Music .com ®) and the bank.

IP addresses
To further increase security, merchant (Internet Of Music .com ®) must also provide one or more IP addresses of servers that communicate with the server or PayPal Bank: the latter, for every call, a cross-check on the merchant id and past the IP address of the caller. The merchant (Internet Of Music .com ®) will then change its response pages about the transaction (URL OK and KO's) should be able to decrypt the response of the bank.

Reliability 'SERVER / SERVER communication
Through direct communication SERVER / SERVER, the merchant (Internet Of Music .com ®) is guaranteed to receive a response from the bank about the transaction, even in cases where the buyer closes the browser before you get the answer.

Repetition of the communication
If you are unable to connect to the server of the merchant (Internet Of Music .com ®), PayPal secure server, as well as to show the customer a "virtual ticket" that summarizes the data of the transaction, make a preset number of attempts to establish communication . Spent the latter, the client will display a page containing payment information prepared by PayPal or Bank to replace the operator. Is then carried out a series of further attempts from server to server, at regular intervals of time, until the guarantee of communication occurred. If within 24 hours the communication has not been established, the help desk will contact the merchant directly.

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